The Internet has rendered distances virtually irrelevant and mobile devices have emerged as the best access points to the World Wide Web. We rely on smartphones and tablets for daily activities and trust them for both work and entertainment. The rise of mobile gaming took nobody by surprise, even though some people were initially reluctant to embrace the new technology. Nowadays, the vast majority of those who gamble online do it on mobile gadgets and this trend is gaining traction with each passing day.

Technology Blurs the Line between PC and Mobile

The early smartphones were more or less gimmicks for tech savvy individuals, rather than reliable gaming instruments. We came a long way from those early days when only the most basic games could be enjoyed offline. Today, players can enjoy titles that are comparable with PC and console video games, covering all popular genres. Real-time strategy, role-playing video games and first-person shooters have brought the thrills of traditional gaming to our fingertips. Developers now pay the same attention to mobile platforms and some even release exclusive content for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile devices are used as conduits by both casual and experienced gamers. The difference is that the former prefer the single player version and don’t care much about Internet connectivity. By comparison, savvy players who are more competitive prefer games that pit them against their peers. Some choose to fulfill their need for healthy competition by playing games that have emerged as worldwide popular eSports. Just as many, have discovered the thrills of online gambling and got to appreciate the excitement brought into their life by mobile-friendly casino games.

Mobile Devices Dominate the Online Gambling Landscape

One of the main reasons why mobile devices are so popular among online gamblers is that they fulfill all their gaming needs. You can use smartphones and tablets to play live casino games and sign up for an account, make a real money deposit, claim bonuses and play all the games. There are in fact casinos who offer special rewards to those who agree to make the transition from computers to mobile gadgets. They have also adjusted their websites to load quickly on mobile devices and many have dedicated apps that can be downloaded for free. This makes gaming on mobile even more convenient, while rendering computers unnecessary.

Another explanation for the surging popularity of mobile devices among online gamblers is superior access to casino games. There is a flux of casual gamers among mobile users and a significant percentage of them play casino games. Some do it on virtual currency and regard games as a fun pastime aimed at breaking monotony. These are not traditional gamers who go home after a long day at the office and play their favorite casino games on desktop computers or laptops. They are only willing to commit a couple of minutes every day and are quick to return to their daily actions as soon as the break is over.

Mobile devices are getting more powerful every day and casinos are happy to tap into their immense potential. The online gaming industry is on a constant expansion and we can expect this trend to continue and even to gain speed in the years to come.