Albion Online’s next update will be the sixth major content update since the launch of the game. Called “Oberon”, the update will bring new features content such as hidden entrances, randomized dungeons, new mobs and creatures. In-game tutorials will be improved to provide additional information to players. Mobs will begin dropping runes, souls and relics and the weapon unlock progression system has been streamlined.

Oberon brings a host of exciting new features and updates to the world of Albion. First and foremost are Hidden Entrances and Randomized Dungeons, two all-new systems that bring new depth, challenge, and spontaneity to the world of Albion. Entrances spawn randomly throughout the open world, each revealing a procedurally generated dungeon. In addition to offering an entirely unique gameplay experience each time, Randomized Dungeons also have the potential to contain rare bosses that drop valuable loot.

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