It’s been well over five years since Sony unleashed their iconic PlayStation 4. As a result, there’s been no shortage of rumours about when we might see the follow-up console. Obviously the PlayStation 4 Pro came and went, but it looks like we might finally see the PlayStation 5 unveiled as the most powerful gaming console of all time.

There have been a flurry of credible news stories that suggest that the PS5 will hit the shelves at some point in the next financial year. As a result, we can expect Sony to release the next incarnation of the PlayStation in autumn so as to make for a bumper festive season for the world’s gamers.

But what would the PlayStation 5 actually offer? We can expect the new console to pack in a way more powerful GPU, although it might not be quick as big a jump as we’ve experienced in the past. The PS4 Pro is already pushing the limits of what you can expect from the current price range, and so it could be the CPUs of the PS5 that might push things forward.

We’d hope the new console gives us something to match PCs and if it could promise faster performance and more comprehensive AI with 4K resolution, then the PS5 could breathe live into the ailing console gaming industry. There have been plenty of rumours that Sony would implement AMD’s Zen core technology to bring desktop-level performance to the new console.

It’s too early to say what this would mean for gamers, but it’s sure to make functionality of the new PlayStation much more flexible. Hopefully, the console would come with an improved browser so that you could play simple gaming titles like Gonzo’s Quest with an advanced graphical display, and it’s also true that many are calling for full backwards compatibility in a way that would match recent efforts from the Xbox One X.

But would Sony use the PS5 to take a big step into the future of cloud gaming? Sony has previously proven to be reluctant to make this move, but it’s a trend that is just too big to ignore. Sony’s PlayStation boss, Shawn Layden, has already stated that the new console would make the multiplayer experience a key part of its appeal. And with games like Overwatch, Fortnite and Apex Legends proving endlessly popular, it’s clear that Sony will need to think about how to cater to this demand. Obviously, it’s the gaming titles that would be the biggest draw for boosting initial sales of the PS5. With franchises like Final Fantasy still going strong, it’s hoped that a new PlayStation could give a new lease of life for some of our favourite titles. Already the rumour mill has been working overtime with games like Battlefield, PES, FIFA, Call of Duty and The Last of Us: Part 2 already being lined up. But with Sony being very secretive, it’s purely a guessing game as to what the PlayStation 5 will include.