The past few weeks have been witness to some very cool, action-packed and adventurous video games with great game-play, story line and amazingly cool weapons.  If you aren’t busy playing online games with a Genting casino promo code, we would ask you to take a look at these.

Which Platforms Did We Take Look At?

The most recent platforms to release some of them are PS4, Xbox, PC and of course Nintendo 3DS.

The first choice, for us, would be Anthem-E3, The Best Action Game Winner. With superb graphics, it will take you to the world of adventure and mystery. Based on the movie Anthem 2018, it is a game to play, enjoy and flaunt your flair. It helps you to choose your mission and your own antagonists. The focus here is precision.

The second one is Death end request coming for the PlayStation 4. It is a trademark of Idea Factory International. Here the world is infested by bugs and the dead-end request. This one is dark. The look of the menu and text boxes is awesome and has a feel of the kinds of Neptunia and Fairy Fencer. The opponents can be used as projectiles. What really stands apart is the animation.

Another one on the list is Steins; Gate Elite. A bit more for the adults, it is a visual novel video game in the Science Adventure Series. With a band of tech-savvy students, who are out to change the world. The good part is its compelling, interesting animation and cool graphics.

Then comes the Crackdown 3, an action-adventure video game for Microsoft and Xbox One, it is the continuation of Crackdown 2. With great and solid gameplay, the fans who have played the original ones, can’t wait to play this one.

The gameplay involves certain tests in various divisions and distinct locations. It is fast and the weapons are interesting to use, giving a great sense of variety.

Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, this one is full of action and keeps it quite real. The new dragon is flying in the sky with Scribbler and Patch and you are supposed to defeat the evil villains lurking in the mysterious islands. With fun and quite fearsome action-packed adventure, it asks you to battle-out fierce and antagonistic enemies to emerge as a winner.

Another good one is Fair Cry Dawn, this video-game involves a first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal, an incidental result and subsidiary of the Far Cry series, it is basically a narrative sequel to Far Cry 5. It’s got all the feels of the Far Cry series you experienced while growing up in the 90’s.

By keeping you on your toes in a world of global nuclear catastrophe. Full of action, adventure and a streamlined mission, it uplifts to a far new world.

Jump Force is personally, one of my favourites. It is a crossover fighting game developed by Spike Chunsoft and Bandai Namco Entertainment America, it features characters from various Manga series.

The best part is creating your own avatar and fight against the Manga heroes in the original story mode. Other than these, there are loads more like Metro Exodus, Tetris 99, God Eater 3, Monster Energy Supercross 2, Astroneer and many others to keep you loaded and action-packed.