The next major content update for MU Online will be deployed on March 5th and will brinh “a host of new features” from Season 13: Part 2. Features include an increase level cap, a new Mastery Accessory Item, the Rage Fighter’s Archangel Weapon, the Maze of Dimension Rework and many other improvements. Also, from today, the team will be kicking off a series of “warm up events” where players can invite their friends to come back to the game in order to receive the Returner’s Package. Those who extend the invite will receive some goodies as well in the Friend Package.

Players can also get a special boost package for free if they play MU Online for 1 hour every day.

In addition, there are free gifts exclusively for Rage Fighters. Players who post screenshots of their Rage Fighter characters on the MU Online Official Facebook will also have a chance to win special rewards.

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