Brown Dust: A New Smash-Hit Tactical Mobile RPG

Brown Dust is a “smash-hit tactical RPG from Korea” which will be launching on both Android and iOS platforms on March 7th. Players will be a part of an “ongoing quest-driven story” with challenging gameplay and can look forward to seasonal guild war PvP, cooperative raids, dungeons and world bosses.

Following the murder of Emperor Altair II during a revolt spurred by his most loyal general, Fabian “The Master of the Six Devils,” the world is in disarray and four nations splinter from the empire. Players assume the role of Fabian’s son, tasked with taking up their father’s mantle and forming their own army of Mercenaries to bring peace to the splintered lands of Brown Dust; they must find the truth about why their father committed treason and thrust the world into ceaseless war.

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