As slot games moved from land-based casino lobbies to computer and mobile screens, the demographics of their players changed. The tech-savvy millennials started to embrace online gambling, and the industry began to cater to their needs by creating graphically improved, mechanically advanced, and thematically rich slots.

However, no industry plans to attract only one type of customers. Gambling, in particular, can be pursued by everyone who is of legal age, and that leaves a lot of space for slot developers to make a bunch of different products. Statistics show that the most active slot players fall in the age group between 25 and 44. Elderly — 65 years old or older — play slots the least (around 12%), and the industry has lately shown the effort to increase the number of their older players. Considering the fact that this particular demographic has a lot of free time and money in their hands, this seems like a logical move.

This is the reason why the Fishing Frenzy game on Mega Casino is gaining so much traction lately, among other similar games that explore topics attractive to the elderly. In this article, we will discuss the main reasons behind the slot industry’s efforts to target older audience.

Why Fishing Frenzy?

Slot games have rapidly evolved over the past ten years. We went from having the same old fruits and lucky number 7s to being able to enjoy all kinds of themes and bonus features. There are thousands upon thousands of online slots today, each having their own specific rules and topics.

People demand variety, and that’s where video slots have the advantage over other, more traditional casino games. If you like poker, for example, there are only a few different variants of that game that you can try out. Each slot, on the other hand, looks and functions almost entirely different from the others.

When you play Fishing Frenzy slot game online, you can notice that the game is all about one activity which a lot of retirees pursue — fishing. It’s likely that a 70-year-old person won’t be too interested in a slot game that explores the topic of the latest blockbuster movie or a popular video game. That’s why the developers need to carefully select a theme when they’re making a game, and decide on who it is supposed to be aimed at.

The symbols of Fishing Frenzy include a boat, a lifebuoy, a heron, a fishing reel, and other items that are all known to fishermen. As for the rules, they are pretty simple to understand. There are two main buttons: one for setting your bet value, and the other for spinning the reels. Connect identical symbols in at least one payline and you will get a reward. There is also a bonus game which is reserved for the luckiest of players. Hope that at least three boats land on the reels and you will get 10 free spins.

Fishing Frenzy is not the only game that older people might find interesting. For example, a lot of older ladies own pets, and games like Diamond Cats and Kitty Glitter are obviously aimed at them.

Are the Elderly More Likely to Lose Money?

Luring the elderly to play slot games brings a lot of money to casino operators. This age group has a lot of free time, as well as money to spend on such activities. Video slots are fairly addictive, but you can’t, or rather shouldn’t play them at work or when driving your car. The elderly spend most of their time at home, and being able to access online casino rooms with their mobile phones and tablets makes them more susceptible to indulging in slots.

However, being younger doesn’t necessarily leave you with a higher chance to win. Slots are  heavily based on luck, and there’s little to no skill involved when playing them. Nevertheless, modern video slots are programmed in such a way that the house always has the edge. For every time someone gets lucky enough to hit the jackpot, there would be hundreds of players who have lost more money than that person has won.


The slot industry is expanding in all directions. Nowadays, every person can find a themed slot game that they are interested in, and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we see more elderly-friendly games, like Fishing Frenzy, in the future.