Conan Exiles: No Winter Event This Year, ‘The Seekers of the Dawn’ DLC Released For PC

A news announcement on the official Conan Exiles forum page reveals that there will not be a Christmas Event this year due the dev team wanting to make more improvements to the game. This decision was made after identifying mistakes from the previous Halloween event held earlier on.

We’ve noticed that some of you have been asking for a Christmas holiday event and we would have loved to create one for you. However, we did learn from the mistakes with our Halloween event and would like to have a few more tools in place before we run new events. Additionally, we are currently 100% dedicated to improving outstanding needed improvements to the core game mechanics as can be seen on the new patch as well as on testlive in the coming weeks.

However, the game has been updated to bring the latest content expansion on PC, ‘The Seekers of The Dawn’ DLC which focuses on the eastern kingdom of Yamatai. Players will be able to “craft three new armor sets, like the fearsome Yamatai Demon medium armor and twelve new weapons, including three Katanas! Decorate your body with five new warpaints and own five unique pets which can be tamed through the new pet system.”

Wield all new and mighty Katanas in battle – with their unique animations and quick dash attacks they add a new dimension to combat! Create your home using the unique Yamatai building pieces, created from white stone with beautiful wooden beams and gold ornamentation.

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