There is no doubt that MMORPGs are smack bang in the middle of a gaming environment that is both fast-paced and volatile, and there are many gamers that wonder if they can keep their position and relevance in such changing environment.

World of Warcraft with its recent expansion (Battle for Azeroth) still manage to keep millions of monthly players coming back for more – but will it become one of the leading MMORPGs next year?

2019 is billed to be an interesting year for MMORPGs with a number of promising new titles in development.  Some are already in early access or open beta so you can take a look for yourself to see what you think, and below I have added what I believe are the best that you could check out for yourself.

Ok then first off, I have chosen Citadel – Forged with Fire by Blue Isle. This game is actually a huge online sandbox RPG and players can do virtually whatever they want which includes such cool things as learning spells, building some pretty impressive castles and taming legendary beasts. You can also form a guild with other players and go exploring dungeons besides a whole lot more.

Currently available on Stream the price is good at only $10 but remember the game is still under development and the servers are not completely stable, so bear that in mind too.

Next on my list is VRChat by VRChat Inc and this is already up and working and available to play free on Stream (if you have the VR gear that is required) Still in its early stages’ VR is a good example of what MMORPG we can expect as VR becomes more affordable.  There might be one or two glitches but it’s well worth a viewing as you can fully control customizable full body avatars with lip sync, and with lots of hand gestures, emotes and emoji creative players can have a field day.

Champions of Titan by IDC/Games is actually an MMRPG/MOBA hybrid game with the MMORPG part if PvE with dungeons, pets, quests, an auction house and a lot more MMORPG elements. For those that enjoy their battle then there is also brilliant PvP battlegrounds that are MOBA style. This means you will find the usual healer, tank and DPS setup for your characters.  

Next on my list is Mad World by Jandisoft which is a little more casual. Mad World is an upcoming HTML5 cross-platform MMORPG which is going to be made available for iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and Linux. Playable on browsers and on mobile means that there will be no need for you to download.  Mad World is a classic in a hand-drawn art style and features PvE arena mode, classless weapon base combat and mega boss raids which we all enjoy!

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