Torchlight Frontiers: Second Round Alpha Testing Starting Soon

The Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha testing will be kicking off on December 7th. The alpha test comes with a number of game tuning and bug fixes deployed. Those who participated in the first test will be allowed in for the second test and new invites will be heading out in the next several days.

Alpha 2 is still primarily a technical test for the game. We need to make sure we’ve got stable and reliable services. This is the first priority for our team to address quickly. Issues that cause players to get blocked, unrelated to server problems, are also at the top of our list due to preventing an effective playtest.

Balance changes to skills, skill purchase costs, and item power are being made to bring the “way off” numbers more in line. We want to see how the existing systems feel when their number are more correct before we start making the larger systemic changes. We’re also making targeted fixes to some content that was plain broken (e.g. certain quests, monsters, party functions, etc.).

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