Hi-Rez Studios has announced that SMITE is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2019 and will feature 60 FPS gameplay and full cross-play between Switch, XBox One, PC, Mac and the Steam version. It still remains a mystery if there will be a PS4 cross-play. Players will also have access to their account across all platforms to keep progression unified.

Pre-Purchase the SMITE Founder’s Pack, which comes with all of the following:

  • Ultimate God Pack – Receive instant access to every God in the game, as well as unlocking every future God when they are released.
  • Dragon Empress Scylla – Summon the power of dragons as Dragon Empress Scylla! This skin is available only on Nintendo Switch™!
  • Dashing Deceiver Loki – Play as the Trickster God, Loki, in his fan-favorite skin, Dashing Deceiver.
  • 400 Gems – Instantly unlock gems to start building your skin collection.
  • Exclusive, guaranteed access to the SMITE on Switch™ closed Beta – Coming January 24, 2019!

SMITE will have also an Arena map and the addition of both King Arthur and Merlin that bring the total number of gods in the pantheon to an even 100!

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