The LGBT community has for the past several years taken a stand. More and more people are coming out about their sexuality and gender. Thus as other people are embracing them, the video game community has not been left behind.

This year more and more LGBT video games like Heart Bingo have been released, and they have had quite a good reception. Here is a look at some of the video games that have qear themes and characters.

  1. Dream Daddy.

It is not your average game. In this game your simply an average dad who is dating other dads. You play as a dad who is moving to a cul-de-sac in Maplebay. There are a total of seven dads who are trying to date you. Every time you go out shopping, taking a cup of coffee, there is another dad around the block who is trying to hit on you.

This game was developed by Game Grumps to take all the problems that are faced by the qear community. The developers decided to make a serious version of gay dads instead of the funny memes which run around on the internet.

The game got a lot of good reception last year. It reached a wider audience than the intended one.

  1. Dragon Age.

This game was such a success that two more sequels were produced. It has a true Bioware mystery that lets you enjoy the game fully. And if you follow up on the sequels, they do intertwine where they just flow systematically.

It did get much accreditation in the LGBT community due to some characters. The game has incorporated characters such as Dorian who was said to be a “breakout”   gay character. His character is captivating because of his backstory. He had run away from home because for many years his parents had been trying to make him straight. This character has become a bit relatable to most of the experiences faced by the LGBT community.

There is also Krem who is a trans man, though the game does not use this term. He confesses that he was born female. In one of the most epic fights where Krem fights with, he tells him off that trans men are real and they do exist in his community. Moreover, they are very normal just like everyone else. These are the scenes which made this game extremely popular.

  1. Mass Effect.

The game has a plethora of LGBT characters right from the beginning. According to game writer Patrick Weekes, it was in 2012 that the game fully indulged in same-sex characters.

Samantha’ Taylor and Steve Cortex represent qeer characters. In Andromeda which is the most recent sequel, Hainly Abrams becomes the first trans character.