How to play Retro Games on Android

Thanks to the continuous advancement in technology, having many of your favorite retro games within a phone that is not much larger than a half deck of cards, is now possible. 

A note to the readers of this article: The more specifications your device has, the more emulators and games you can use.

After having made that dimension, we can continue showing you how you can play retro games on your Android devices. 

Choose your Emulator

MyBoy! – Game Boy Advanced Emulator

If we are going to play in a portable way, why not start with a system that has allowed you to press buttons from the seat on an airplane or in the back seat of your family car. We all have fond memories of this portable Nintendo console.

Now all those moments can be revived due to the MyBoy Advanced Game emulator! Which you can find in the Google Play store in its Lite and Paga versions, the MyBoy emulator! It works with almost all the games that came to the GBA market, regardless of region restrictions or control settings.

Users of emulators may notice that some ROMs (game files) may have more difficulty in running than others (popular games such as Golden Sun are notoriously fussy when it comes to compatibility with emulators), however, make the game you want to work on your favorite platform is simply a matter of trial and error.

 Drastic DS

Although it is obvious from the beginning, DS games are practically a perfect match for Android devices thanks to its touch screen compatibility in most titles to its credit. The Drastic DS emulator takes advantage of this by providing DS enthusiasts with all the features that made this console their preferred and also adding better graphics that elevate classic DS games to another level.

But while it is true that these 2 are perfect for each other, it is recommended that you run the games of the DS on a device with a screen of 5.5 inches or more, since the dual screen mode may be a bit narrow for smaller screens.

The Drastic emulator is much more suitable for tablets, since both the graphic power of the device and the size of the screen can make the experience even surpass that of playing in the original DS console. That said, if you take the game seriously on mobile devices and emulators, it is recommended to invest in a special lining with game features such as “GameKlip”, which can free up valuable space on the screen and give you a better overall view of the game.  Hence you can play retro games free.


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Yes, the very popular GameCube / Wii emulator is already in mobile version and is better than before.

Directed by a group of passionate gamers who cannot allow some of their favorite Nintendo games to fall into oblivion every time they move away from their consoles, Dolphin is an emulator that will allow you to run any GameCube or Wii game on your tablet or phone easily.

Better yet, just like its desktop counterpart, Dolphin also allows the multiplayer option through an internet connection and supports up to 4 players simultaneously, which means you can play a multiplayer game of Smash Bros even if you’re on the internet.

The Dolphin Emulator can be found in the Google Play store for free.


For the rest of your favorite childhood games, we have ClassicBoy.

Classic Boy excavates the tombs of some of the most iconic game systems of the past and joins them all in a buffet all you can eat from retro games. This emulator is armed to the teeth with emulators for Play station 1, Game Boy Color, NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Nintendo 64 and even NeoGeo for fans of fighting games.

The only reason why we would not recommend Classic Boy as a solution for all games is because there are reports about compatibility problems in the most requested ROMs , specifically in Mario 64 and some other games for Super Nintendo. Keeping this in mind, it’s still great as a solution to get our favorite games from different consoles.