The Seven Scary Video Games You Need to Try

Halloween just recently ended and what better way than for all video game lovers to commemorate it than play some great horror video games? While you can find some great horror games online and play them with the William Hill promo code, you can try some of the offline games as well.

The 7 Scary Video Games to Try Out

Here is a look at some moments will jog your memory.


  • Silent Hill (Talking fetus )


When the teaser for Silent Hill was released we all knew this was one video game that would stand out. The teaser was enough for some of us to keep away from it but well we couldn’t.

The anticipated Silent Hill toyed with our minds after introducing a talking fetus. Gamers were horrified enough by the game itself but when you have a rich, throaty-voiced baby talking to you then that a whole other level of creepy.


  • Max Payne’s Hallucinations.


The plot basically follows Max Payne who is trying to revenge the death of his wife and baby. Max becomes a vigilante who uses slow-motion bullet effect to fight his enemies.

The game lets players experience the pain which Max is feeling. He overdoses with a hallucinating drug which makes him start to hallucinate about the house where his family was murdered. That’s not the worse part.

In the silent hallway all of a sudden there is a crying baby. As the baby cries in a distance blood starts to stream from the walls.  Marx starts to shoot his baddies with the cries of his wife and child all over. The twist is that for him to walk out then he has to follow the crying sounds of his baby.


  • The cannibals of Andale in Fallout 3.


Fallout is always full of horrors. Players have to face killer robots, giant ants, death claws and mutant scorpions. But that’s not the worse part about the game. The mystery behind the town of Andale is the scariest part.

When the players venture into the town of Anadale they are welcomed by the residents for dinner. However, something does not feel right. One resident even tells them to leave while they still can.

Apparently, the players are dinner. When they walk into the basement it is filled with dismembered human body parts. When the residents discover the players know their secret they start attacking them.


  • Lavender Town in Pokémon red and blue.


Blue goes to the town of Lavender to mourn the death of his companion Raticate.  Team Rocket resides in this town and it is believed they steal Cubones skulls for a lot of money.

Apparently, one of these cubes is protected by the soul of his dead mother. Pokémon have to venture into this world of ghosts and try and restore the soul of the dead mother.


  • The Morgue in Batman.


The Morgue scene of Arkham Asylum is filled with roaches, sounds of spooky echo across the room and the morgue freezer cabinet doors open and close. This does not sound scary at all but when the player goes back again in the room the bags are on the table.

When Batman opens the first two bags he finds the bodies of his dead parents. They start to blame and ridicule him for their deaths. Once he opens the third bag he finds the body of Scarecrow who plunges him into a state of hallucination.


  • Don’t Go To Ravenholm in Half-Life


Players have already been warned against going to Ravenholm bust somewhere across the game they decide to go. Ravenholm is filled with Crabs and Scorpions which want to eat the players.

The place is filled with traps which apparently can be used to help combat the crabs and scorpions. The atmosphere is quite scary because it is filled with body parts, traps and monsters.


  • The Evil Within Trip’s Trick


When all you have to do is to steal a key from a chain-wielding maniac it sounds easy, right? While you have just outsmarted that big idiot and making your escape you fall into a trip wire. That’s when your luck runs out as the maniac now starts running after you. Players barely come out alive in this game.