There is a misconception that boys are the only ones who should participate in video games. This comes even when there are so many blog articles talking about the benefits of video games. They include everything from hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills to enhanced creativity.

Even an online slot game has its benefits, and it’s why both boys and girls shouldn’t shy away from playing it.

Playing Video Game for Girls: A Look

Normally, you would expect that boys would be the ones playing video games, but it doesn’t hold true as much today

Nevertheless, there are girls who actually play video games. For instance, in the US 59% of the girls aged between 13-17 years playing video games. There is a need to change the dialogue that girls can also play video games.

The University of Surrey recently published a journal called Computers in Human Behaviour. It tries to suggest that girls who play in video games often end up taking degrees in STEM.

The number of women who take up science, technology, engineering and maths is on the low. In the 1980s the number of women who took up STEM was 37%. However, in 2018, the number has dropped to 18%.

According to Dr Anesa Hosein, who was the leader of the Surrey team, they observed that girls who heavily played video games easily took up STEM. Heavy can be defined in terms of playing video games for more than nine hours a day.

A lot of people believe that the gaming community is mostly made up of boys. However, according to statistics, this is not true. The total gaming population is made up of 48% women. Moreover, 36% of the statistics are adult women.

The low number which is seen in women who take up STEM degrees can be attributed to several factors. They include a lack of interest from the women themselves, societal beliefs and stereotypes.

However, there is a need to change this trend. There is a need to change women’s mind who believe that only the men can be able to take up STEM degrees. This can be done from the roots when girls even don’t know the meaning of STEM.

Girls should be convinced to play more computer games. Playing action video games is a good educational tool. It helps to improve kids spatial skills which in the long run can be a great predictor of scholarly and creative achievement.

We all know jobs are in the tech world. Technology is rapidly changing our lives and if girls are not part of the equation then they are doomed.

Studies show that women still get paid 70cents less than men. High tech jobs pay very well and there is need to close this wage gap.

Parents should go on ahead and power up XBox and all other game consoles. It is time to show our girls the fun element of playing video games. In the long run, you might be surprised that your girls are part of the tech world.