Lineage2: Revolution: “Dawn of Destruction” Update

Lineage 2: Revolution has a new update called, “Dawn of Destruction” deployed and players can check out the new Orc race, work to achieve a new level cap, explore a new territory and much more.

Components of the update include:

  • Orcs – The new race brings its own “unique class mechanics that separate them from the existing races in the game”. Orcs have their own unique starting zone and start at level 180 complete with SR grade weapon, armor and accessories.
  • Avento territory – main, weekly and sub-quests are available. The territory features three regions, 12 new monsters and 21 new monster cores
  • Tower of Insolence has expanded to Floor 145
  • part two of the Second Class Transfer is added
  • new NA and EU servers for faster matchmaking

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