Defiance 2050 will be getting a big update today when Trouble in Paradise deploys across PC & PS4. The new content brings the Hulker Hell Halloween event. Players will also have the new Grid enemy faction to take on as they meet them in a series of all-new story missions. Players will also have the new weapon skin system to customize their characters even more and the Crusader class to devastate the enemy.

This massive update also brings the devastatingly powerful new Crusader class. This brutal brawler thrives on the frontlines of combat. Wield a massive two-handed hammer and an array of epic abilities to pound enemies into submission. Race headlong into enemies with the brutally bombastic Blitz ability or summon a meteor from orbit to slam down on foes caught in the point of impact. There has never been anything like this in Defiance 2050 before!

The Crusader Pack is available today in North America Online, with the EU availability starting on October 17th.

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