Official patch notes on the for the Shadows of Turimnan content expansion reveals that the update is coming to the game on October 11th. Players will be able to explore an entirely new region, achieve a new level cap of 67, find and fight through the Tomb of the Wyrm dungeon and find / tame over fifteen new familiars that can be found throughout the region.

Turimnan Valley is an ancient land inhabited by Insects. These people have provided to the environment as it has provided for them. As time flew, the Insect Kingdom grew prosperous and have contributed to the battle between against the great dragon and won. Since then, the God of Ruin has sought to create chaos between the Insect Kingdom and Hakanas and started a war that would be it’s downfall. With the Insect Kingdom in shambles and humans starting settlements, Turimnan Valley is no longer exclusively for Insects. Take a stand against the Insect Legion corrupted by the God of Ruin and protect both humans and Insects alike to reclaim the Turimnan Valley from Zelnaris.

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