Anyone who is familiar with the Tomb Raider franchise knows that Lara Croft makes for an enjoyable video game. Even if you like playing  mansion bonus code games, we are sure you would love to try this game out.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider shows a Lara who has lost friends and made life-changing discoveries. She is a hardened killer who is not afraid of facing life head-on. You will love her self-confident approach. Lara invokes fear in her enemies, and that itself shows how far she has come. If you have shared her journey from Tomb Raider, you know that she has faced a fair share of ups and downs.

The Shadow retains a lot of the magic that the original Tomb Raider had. However, it also reminds players how much action-adventure mechanics has developed since Tomb Raider came out.


Lara Croft in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider behaves rather obsessively. She has grown selfish and is changing into a true coloniser. She is determined to get what she wants no matter what the collateral damage might be. The game has given Lara abilities which help her be stealthy as she plans ambushes. For example, she can camouflage herself and create Fear Arrows that will make people attack each other. You can go back to stealth in case you are found if you can break the line of sight.

The new game has advertised these qualities immensely because they give her a much more expanded skillset. You will have more options to choose from as you try to hunt down enemies quietly.

You will find that the abilities are highly flexible and you will be able to pull them off even in the most difficult scenarios. Using mud to camouflage yourself will give you immense control. Shadow’s main selling point is the Stealth. You will love the anticipation and the puzzle that adds to the enjoyment of the game.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you will be impressed by the challenge tombs and crypts that Shadow comes with. You will love the intricate design of the ancient mechanisms which operate the tombs. Figuring out obscure solutions and finding ways to go forward is what Lara Croft is all about.


Of course, not everything is great about Shadow. You will find that the inconsistencies in the plot and lack of logic are glaring in some parts of the game. Moreover, the game’s core stealth mechanics are not up to modern standards.

You will find that sound still does not make an impact during the Tomb Raider’s stealth. Rustling grass or footsteps do not seem to attract the attention of anybody around. You can have an entire fight scene and then notice that patrol guards are standing nearby oblivious of everything.

The Survival Instincts ability will keep you informed about how to take down the enemies, but at times the AI can be inconsistent. Playing the game based on your perception of the map might not be a great idea because the game might disagree with you. You need to use Survival Instincts to verify your strategy.