The latest Overwatch Developer Update for September has been published with details of the long-awaited Torbjorn overhaul. Other heroes will see some adjustments as well as hinting about the upcoming Halloween event.

Torbjorn won’t be dropping those handy armor packs any more, nor will his turret level. He will gain the new Overload ability that is similar to the old Molten Core ultimate, but will provide more of an AoE damage. Molten Core will be changing to one where he sprays liquid lava, also for AoE damage.

  • 00:30 – Armor Packs and the scrap system have been replaced with…
  • 01:15 – Molten Core now fires 10 molten globules that create damage pools where they land
  • 03:05 – Orisa, Soldier: 76, McCree, and Pharah hero updates planned for 1.29
  • 05:19 – Halloween Terror returns from the grave!
  • 07:55 – We apologize…an upcoming social feature promised for 2018 has been delayed to next year
  • 09:40 – Please share your feedback and thank you so much for playing Overwatch!