Big changes are coming to one of the least favorite Heroes of the Storm maps, The Garden of Terror. To showcase the biggest changes coming, HotS “Steve” from the Battlegrounds team has posted a new vlog complete with gameplay action.

The biggest changes:

  • the map will no longer have a day / night cycle;
  • seed nodes will spawn with mini-terrors guarding them;
  • teams will defeat the mini-shamblers to secure the seed;
  • the goal is to collect three seeds (similar to Cursed Hollow);
  • once three seeds are collectected, three Garden Terros will spawn, one in each lane;
  • Terrors use the Overgrowth ability to disable towns;
  • Terrors have an AoE stomp effect to stun player characters;
  • Terrors continue until destroyed or until the end of the match, whichever comes first

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