Breach is expected to have the initial round of technical alpha invites to roll out as early as next week. The invites will go out slowly, but ramp up over time. The official site site has been updated with a new blog post that lays out a timeline to the upcoming first round of alpha testing.

Breach is a solo or co-op game with up to four players setting off across the globe to complete missions where the fight is taken to mythological monsters in a number of biomes.

Along the way you will be challenged by the Veil Demon, a smoke-like spirit that can possess and empower any monster and create breaches, pulling in environmental hazards from the parallel, Mythological Earth.

In addition to playing as a Hero, you can also play as the Veil Demon in Solo or Versus modes! Breach also has a Custom mode where you can play with any number of friends up to 5 playing as either a Hero or Veil Demon.

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