Warframe’s ‘Mask of the Revenant’ update has been deployed to the PC version of the game and brings an Eidolon-inspired Warframe that uses Sentient light energy to mow down hordes of enemies.  “The Revenant Warframe continues the development team’s exploration of the ‘darker’ Warframes,” reads the press release.

But that is not all! A new challenge has swept across the Origin System, transforming your Orbiter into a battleground.Frame Fighter arrived just last week! Challenge friends in a light fighting mini-game inspired by classic fighting games and long-time Warframe Fan LocoCrazy_! Rain down a flurry of light, medium, and heavy attacks with one of the 35 Warframes available to play, each with a special Ability unique to it.

Visit Cephalon Simaris and acquire the Ludoplex — a new home for all of Warframe’s mini-games — through Standing. Choose from Excalibur, Volt and Mag, each with their unique Ability. Unlock additional Frame Fighter characters by discovering Fragments throughout the game. If the scanned Warframe’s Prime is in your Inventory, you can toggle to the Prime version of the acquired character.

Digital Extremes has indicated that this update will arrive for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One in the near future.

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