Word is out that Guardians of Ember will be published by Gameforge beginning on September 1st and will not have any involvement from Insel Games, the publisher that was booted from Steam for review manipulation. Gameforge will be taking over publication duties for both North America and Europe, with news about account and game data migration set to be announced soon.

A brief FAQ was posted in the announcement thread:

When will the transfer to Gameforge take place ?
We are currently planning for the transfer to take place on September 1 2018 but we will confirm the date as the handover approaches including more details on how exactly the transfer will take place. .

How will I be able to play after the transfer?
If you play GoE on MMORewards.com you will receive an email with further details on how you can continue playing as we get closer to the transfer date. That being said, we currently plan to make sure that Olyndale will be just a few clicks away.

What will happen to my existing characters and progress?
Your current progress will be completely transferred. All characters and loot will be retained.

Will I lose my premium currency or items?
No. Purchased Frozen Ember and previously purchased items will also be transferred.

Will there be any downtime?
We will do our best to keep any downtime to a minimum but since there are many technical changes the servers may might go offline for up to a few days during the transfer.

Will there be any changes to the game?
As Gameforge is the new publisher we will leave it up to them to announce any changes they have planned but we think that they have identified any current issues with the game and will improve GoE for current and new players alike.

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