The growth of mobile gaming is a sign that more and more gamers are getting invested in the gaming industry. This drives out the misconception that mobile gamers are uninterested or not serious as other gamers on platforms such as PC, Xbox and console.

EEDAR which is a top marketing database in the US surveyed as many as 5,000 USA citizens. They used the k cluster method to classify the gamers into six separate segments. The segments were based on the gaming platforms the gamers used the habits and interests of the individuals.  Many players go away from traditional games and try out online gaming with the likes of Betway casino, which they feel is more rewarding.

The findings were quite exhilarating, as one of the segments identified a group of gamers known as the Supergamers. And I don’t mean Supergamers the documentary. These are gamers who play on different platforms. They represent 13% of the US market with about 2/3 consisting of males while 1/3 comprising of females. For them, gaming is an entertainment tool that takes about 26 hours of their time each week.

Supergamers play on three or more completely different platforms. Unlike the professional gamers who take video games very seriously and most probably play on one site, Supergamers are quite diverse. 78% of these gamers play on platforms such as gaming console, mobile and PC. But 96% of these Supergamers played on mobile devices.

The Rise of the Mobile Gamers: A Look

What makes mobile gaming so popular? Is it the flexibility? Is it the fact that most people are occasional gamers and they love playing games on their mobiles, without having to worry about being too competitive? Is it because of its one of the best ways to stay engaged when traveling to work?

So, this begs the question why do people like playing video games on mobile devices?

  1. Most gamers already have a phone, so there is no need to buy hardware as compared to other platforms. For instance, console gamers need to buy controllers and memory cards.
  2. A majority of the games are easily available and are for free. If you have Android or iOs, then you can easily download games on Google Play and Apple Store respectively. On the other hand, PlayStation players need to have a subscription so that they can game.
  3. Mobile gaming is convenient for almost anyone who is anywhere. Once a game has been downloaded it does need the internet to run, but it is saved on the phone’s hardware. Thus people can play mobile games even in places where traditional video games cannot play.
  4. Mobile games are way cheaper than other gaming consoles. They range from $0-$20. Unlike other platforms such as Xbox where gamers have to part with a few hundred dollars.
  5. Developers use the mobile platform as a way to try out new concepts. Mobile games are relatively cheaper to develop. Thus companies can tap their creativity leading to the development of multiple diverse games.

Are you into mobile gaming too?