Online gaming has evolved in a way that not many will have predicted. From video games which you can now connect with online, to online casinos such as Clover casino, there are many different options to choose from. But when it comes to choosing the game that you want to play, just how much of it is integrated with the pop culture that we know today?

Where Is Pop Culture Influencing Gaming?

The stereotype of gaming is often a misconception, with many people imagining teenage boys sitting at home alone and playing their games. In fact, the gaming demographic is much broader than this, and the influence of pop culture is leading the way to seeing this expand even further.

We have seen a broad number of movies being made into video games, with the likes of Spider Man, Lethal Weapon, The Crow, Flushed Away, Toy Story and even E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial being integrated into the world of video games.

Further to this, in casinos both online and offline, we have already seen a number of themed slot machines hit the scene, further allowing players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of their favourite characters. With the likes of celebrities and even board games becoming the main theme of a number of slot machines, it appears that pop culture is having a huge influence on the world of casino gaming.

Online gaming and pop culture is becoming more intertwined than ever before. A quick search for a Love Island game, for example, will bring up a great number of options and even a dedicated site of games related to the popular TV show. The same goes for online board games and even celebrity games!

Why Is Pop Culture Influencing Gaming?

The big question is, why is pop culture influencing gaming? The answer is simple. In order for game industries to attract a broader audience of different types of players, they needed to find out what would interest them the most. The answer was their favourite films, TV shows and celebrities – those who had a key influence on their day-to-day life. Not only did this help to draw a new demographic to the world of gaming, it also led the way to new gameplay features being introduced, further helping to create an immersive gaming experience for each and every player.

Is Gaming Influencing Pop Culture?

While it is clear to see how pop culture has influenced gaming, there are a number of factors to suggest that gaming is actually influencing pop culture. One of the biggest examples of this in modern times is the growth of Fortnite, which now has over 250 million players around the world. This game is so big that even some of the world’s biggest stars, including Antonine Griezmann have been known to not only play the game, but also integrate elements (such as the taunting gestures) into the spotlight, with his celebration against Croatia in the World Cup final.

Tomb Raider was another huge influencer in the world of pop culture, helping to bring in a female demographic to a typically male-dominated industry. Tomb Raider was released in the mid-1990s and gave birth to the polygonal graphic when it was released on PlayStation One. To top this off, Tomb Raider and the heroine Lara Croft became the key to a number of blockbuster films, too. We’ve even seen celebrities as big as Mariah Carey featuring on the commercials for games such as Game Of War, showing just how much of an impact gaming is having across the world!

With so many different pop culture-related games to choose from, it’s easier than ever to see just how intertwined these two combinations are.