RuneScape’s latest update adds a number of things to the game and makes some adjustments to others. Pet collectors will be happy to hear that new tooltips have been added to provide hints on collecting over 70 pets. The new descriptions are available through the pet interface and will make “it easier to work towards the pet you really want to get”.

This week’s patch notes is a diverse list of changes. Some of the more notable changes are:

  • Adjusted the drop rate for cosmetic items from Solak, based on your feedback. The rates are in the patch notes post. These items should now be more common.
  • The Eddy, Penny and Baby Soulgazer pets will now show the killcount of their appropriate creatures when examined, allowing you to show off how friendly or unfriendly you’ve been to their kind.

The patch also includes:

  • The Dragonkin Laboratory, or “Elite Dungeon 2”, will not be released today as it is being tweaked in response to community feedback
  • Diango has tons of new items
  • Summer Weekend Event – Skilling Bonanza on July 28-29

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