Kim Byung-min has unveiled disconcerting developments related to unauthorized private servers. He passionately implores committed players to protect the legacy of RAN ONLINE and issues a stern caution against former employees endorsing deceitful services through the official Facebook fan page.

This is Kim Byung-min, CEO of MINCOMMUNICATION, who previously serviced RAN ONLINE ONLINE GAME.

As you all already know, RAN ONLINE GS service was officially terminated three years ago.

Here’s why: Internal employees continued to commit internal fraud.

A warning and resignation were issued.

Another reason is:
As competition to secure high-quality human resources has intensified in the game development industry in Korea, it has been difficult to recruit high-quality talent with MINCOMS RAN ONLINE Southeast Asia imports, and as a result, the quality of content such as updates has continued to decline. This is a good update for Southeast Asian customers who love RAN ONLINE. We were unable to provide you with…

Those who are currently promising next month’s service on the Facebook RAN ONLINE GS fan page, who have quit the company and cannot get a job at another company, are collaborating with fraudsters in Korea to lie and pretend that they legally acquired RAN ONLINE service rights from MINCOMS. They are attempting to defraud their customers.

I, Byung-Min Kim and MINCOM currently legally own the trademark and copyright rights. Although we were asked to sell service rights by several publishers in Korea, we did not sell RAN ONLINE service rights because the development capabilities of the companies we wanted to purchase from were clearly limited, and we have no plans to sell service rights in the future.

I, Byung-min Kim, have always been grateful to the customers who have loved RAN ONLINE, and I hope that RAN ONLINE GAME will remain as a good memory in the hearts of customers.

If you sell the service rights to a publisher in Korea, you may personally be able to make some profit.

Currently, MINCOM has only let its employees resign, but the corporation is active, and thankfully, the internal cash reserves are not small, so there is no problem maintaining Kim Byung-min’s personal life.

CEO Kim Byung-min has no intention of servicing RAN ONLINE on mobile or again.

The reasons are as follows. 
Previous developers and GMs who are currently illegally preparing private services.
These are people who cannot transfer to another company due to lack of competency.
The previous private server and the people preparing for next month’s service are fraudsters in Korea and several employees who have left the company. If you enjoy this private server, it will be used as criminal funds. I am very concerned about these situations.
We hope to leave good memories in the hearts of customers who have enjoyed and loved RAN ONLINE.
By providing services again, we do not want to create a bad situation where excessive sales are made to pay the salaries of the company’s employees.

Thank you for reading my long post.
MINCOMS CEO Kim Byung-min

I wrote this in English using Google Translator.
So I left the original Korean text, and some parts of the Google translation may not sound natural.
Please understand this point.

And currently, the RAN GS fan page is being illegally operated by a former employee.
I am sending this message because I feel like if Facebook writes this, they will block me from the fan page account. Please copy my post and post it on RAN GS Facebook and let me know.

We will also request Facebook to delete the RAN GS fan page, but it will take time due to some procedures.

Please spread my writing.. Thank you.