ArcheAge Fresh Start update has been set to deploy on July 18th. In Reign: Part 1, players will find the Dwarven and Warborn races added, and a new level cap to 55. The new races will feature their new starting areas and quest chains throughout the Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle and the Sunbite Wilds zones.

Players will also find:

  • the Mistsong Summit dungeon
  • upgrades “coming to legacy servers as well as to fresh start” that introduce new features and bring tweaks and improvements to already-existing features
  • “balanced gameplay elements between free-to-play and paid players

Paloth’s Crystals are one such introduction, giving free-to-play players a way to earn mounts like the Typhoon Drake, Frost Dragon, or Hellwing Pegasus mounts via completely in-game means. Rare drops that can be gained via Golden Crates acquired from world bosses, Shadow Invasions, and more, these Crystals can be used to craft in-game mounts and mount armors that were previously only available in the ArcheAge Marketplace.

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