The Gunner has arrived for the console version of TERA. She is a high damage class who “wields a massive arcannon to mow down mobs of enemies”. All console players will be gifted a free character slot when logging in that can be used to create a gunner (or any other class). From now through July 22nd, new gunners will “unlock special rewards as they level up” and gifted an exclusive costume and weapon skin if they manage to hit level 65 prior to the end of the event.

The Gunner specializes in:

  • Battlefield-Clearing Attacks: Powerful area-of-effect attacks, including the visually-stunning Balder’s Vengeance, let the gunner mow down hordes of enemies without breaking a sweat.
  • Big-Ass Guns: This class is defined by the arcannon—a huge weapon with huge damage potential. Why settle on small when you can go big?
  • Summoned Constructs: With her ability to place turrets and constructs around the battlefield, the gunner never has to fight alone. It’s like having a party with you wherever you go!
  • Heavy Armor: With huge guns and heavy armor, the gunner is a tank. Fight with ranged attacks or hit hard from up close. The ability to mix up attacks keeps enemies guessing until they’re blown away.

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