Fortnite will have new things coming to it, one of which being the Canny Valley campaign. It takes place in a brand new biome and the campaign will set out to answer many of the burning story questions players have had. Players will also find new features to better track rewards or configurations such as extensions to the Collection Book. Players will be able to spend Flux and Training Manuals to recruit based on a new option menu in the Collection Book.

  • There will be new controls including the Builder Pro control scheme and mode-specific keybindings.
  • Players will find “increased variety in both missions and enemy types”.
  • In v5.0, players will be re-introduced to “Challenge the Horde” that sends players into a pre-built base to battle waves of enemies.
    • The difficulty progression is being overhauled.
    • Combat has been reworked.
    • Mini-bosses will be integrated.
    • There will be new rewards too.
  • Fortnite’s first birthday event is coming soon.

We have a lot of exciting things in store for Save the World this year, including many we’ve not covered yet. We’ll be working to bring mission and enemy variety, such as the new Super Shielder enemy, as well as refining the core game experience. The game and player base continues to grow, far exceeding our initial expectations back when we started this crazy journey, and we can’t wait for the adventure ahead!

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