Developers’ have shared their update plans for Rift through summer 2018 on a recent post. The letter begins with updates that have been deployed since the spring update including balance changes and other content patches. Summerfest will also be coming along with new art and dimension items and some “clean up work being done to improve the event experience this year”.

We have more than balance updates and events planned for Live servers this summer. The team is committed to improving the overall experience on Live servers, and some of the short- and mid-term focuses are:

  • Bring more exciting rewards to the Daily Reward Calendar on Live, more in line with the Prime rewards.
  • Add rare mount drops to Expert Dungeons and Raids on Live.  These extra rewards for play have been great on Prime, and this one is an idea that’s definitely worth taking to all servers.
  • Revamp and reduce the credit store on Live. We’re looking keenly at player feedback, especially some recent well-presented player discussions, to improve this area. While we view the store as a place for cosmetics, convenience, and some amount of ability for newer players to catch up with their friends, we don’t want it to be perceived as gameplay replacement, so we’ll be making upcoming changes with that in mind.
  • Some may have noticed the recent trend on the Rift store to offer the latest mounts without releasing them inside of a lockbox, and you should expect more of that.
  • As an advanced Soul Balance topic, revisiting the Eternal Weapons and their impact on builds.
  • Planar Fragments, addressing their level of RNG and costs to upgrade.
  • Warfront queue level banding is going to be getting a look in an upcoming test.  The more level bands and warfronts there are, the longer queueing takes.  Our goal here is to speed up the queues while keeping gameplay fun.

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