The Realm Online: Grand Plans for A Relaunch

Rat Labs LLC has obtained the license for The Realm Online which is a classic MMO that launched in 1995. The team has “grand plans to first relaunch a clean slate server with many mechanics improvements” made over the past year. The developers will be working to bring both a web-based and a mobile version of the game to players around the world.

Thank you all for your patience. We know you all are very excited to see the startup of the new “Finvarra’s Fortress” server and for the new life that has been given to “Despothes’ Grove”. We have been receiving a lot of feedback about the state of the Despothes’ Grove’s economy and we’ve heard you. We’ve decided to incorporate a gold sink into Despothes’ Grove with a new item that will be available 05/27/2018, this item will cost 125,000,000 gold. This cost was calculated based on the average gold per character in the game. This item when used will reserve the consuming characters name forever on all servers. That means the only account that will ever be able to create that name again will be the one that character logged on when it uses the consumable.

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