Next Day: Survival has officially left Early Access and moved on to a full retail release. The release brings a number of big improvements to the game such as four brand new locations, new clothing items, weapons, animals, NPCs, quests and improved visuals and graphics.

The action of the MMORPG survival Next Day takes place on a fictional post-Soviet territory, mostly covered in toxic smog. Your main goal is to survive, level up your character, interact with the world, other player and non-player characters. Along the game, your character earns reputation, which ultimately enables it to join various survivors’ factions, each of which has their pros and cons.


  • Unlike many survival games, Next Day has got a carefully elaborated storyline.
  • If you’re lucky, you can get yourself a vehicle.
  • Well-designed craft system: You don’t want to go out into the wild nature without skills.
  • Various game modes. The basic mode combines Survival and RPG.
  • Survival quests. Each faction has its goal-setting quest line.
  • Reputation and faction affiliation. Each player chooses sides of their own accord.

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