Gambling has always enticed man. Little do we know, but the case is such due to gambling operators’ ability to keep up pace with the newest technologies, implementing them into casino games to create a unique form of entertainment for us regular people.

But the past 20 years in the development of casino games have been particularly interesting. Since the emergence of the first casino games, online casino operators have played their part in changing the appearance of casino games, and the very industry as well. Below, we will discuss how the Internet has changed casino games. Beforehand, however, let us examine the birth of online gambling.

Thanks to Antigua and Baruda’s Free Trade and Processing Zone Act of 1994, establishing an online gambling industry became possible, as the Act gave a permission to the country to hand out licenses for people who wanted to start an online casino. Despite the fact that the first casinos appeared almost two years later, the Act paved the way for a gambling revolution.

Contrary to common belief, it is actually quite difficult to say when did the first online casino open. According to the University of North Carolina, the first online casino opened in 1995 and it featured 18 games. Other researchers claim that the first online casinos appeared a year earlier when the gambling software company Microgaming was founded. Yet others say the first online casinos appeared in 1996. Little does it matter when did the first online casinos open, for they did not attract a huge public until 1997.

Subsequently, a Frost & Sullivan report showed that online gambling had generated more than $800 million in 1998. By the end of the century, there were about 200 online gambling sites – a dramatic change in the casino industry was on the way.


  • How Games Have Changed?


Without a doubt, casino games changed in many ways after the establishment of online casinos as a secure place for gambling. First of all, games became more convenient. Games like Poker, Blackjack, and Bingo, have adapted to online playing perfectly. With the implementation of the Internet into the casino industry, players no longer have to commute to casinos to play their favourite games. Instead, they can play at their leisure, regardless of what time it is.

Another thing is, online casinos have played a huge part in popularising casino games. At online casinos, players can play risk-free games, i.e., play without wagering real money, or indulge in low-stakes games. Moreover, online gaming technologies are constantly advancing, which is likely to boost the popularisation of online gaming even more.

Another thing to take into account is security. Back in the dusk of the XX century people had little choice and sometimes had to play at unsafe online casinos, but today there are many casino games to play in tens of thousands of reliable online sites where players can deposit money safely. Furthermore, renown online casino operators are aware that players will always opt for a secure place, and they invest a lot of effort into maintaining high security levels for their sites.

In the past few years, mobile casino gambling became an outstandingly popular activity. Some even say that online gambling became as popular as it is thanks to mobile gambling. The transition of casino games from PCs to mobile devices has changed every aspect of the gambling industry. Moreover, having realised the potential of mobile gaming, some casino game developers have started designing their new apps for smaller screens.

Lastly, multiple-player gambling was another gambling feature that was made possible via the implementation of the Internet in the gambling business. Multiple-player features are arguably the most important changes in casino games. Thanks to multi-player possibilities, gamblers no longer have to play against dull computers that do not have the unique characteristics of a real person’s gambling psyche. To put it simply, playing against computers can not improve a player’s game as much as playing against real people can. Well, multi-player online gambling can perfectly recreate the land-based casino atmosphere in people’s own homes, providing them with an opportunity to gamble and become better gamblers at the same time. Still, many prefer online slots and roulette, but the use of multi-player tables allows players to compare their scores, wager in sports, etc.


  • Future Development of Online Gambling


The online gambling industry faces many legal challenges. Many countries are trying to pass regulations that allow online casinos or sports wagering. In the US, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act and its consequences are not yet thoroughly comprehended, which makes online operators hesitant. In other countries where its legislation and regulation has been determined, however, online gambling thrives. With smarter mobile devices, better Internet connection, and the implementation of Bitcoin, the online gambling business is expected to expand even more.