Pac-Man” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Laure Wayaffe

We might be told not to play with our food as kids, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play with food in video games. In fact, food has been at the heart of video gaming since Pac-Man arrived. Are you hungry? Let’s check out the best video games about food.

Restaurant Empire

Be your own boss in Restaurant Empire, a game from Enlight Software that puts you in charge of choosing cuisine, picking the chef, and keeping customers happy. Have you got what it takes?

Fruit Ninja

Get your blade sharpened and ready for some fun as you slice your way through fruit that appears on-screen. Fast hands are key, especially if you want to pick up bonus points by cutting through multiple fruits at once.

Hell’s Kitchen

Based on the popular television series starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, you’ll need to know your salmon en croûte from your pad thai to survive in Hell’s Kitchen as budding cooks try to impress across three challenges involving prep, cooking, and service.


One of the most famous video games is also well-known for its use of food in its gameplay. Pac-Man is all about eating your way through an assortment of dots, power pellets and fruit. Player staying power is crucial.

PAC-MAN CE_screenshot6” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by gamerscoreblog

Burger Time

You play chef Peter Pepper in Burger Time in order to create the classic fast-food treat by walking over all the ingredients that make the classic burger. Of course, it’s not so easy: you have to navigate a maze of platforms and escape the clutches of enemy pursuers such as Mr. Hot Dog and Mr. Pickle. Bonuses, unsurprisingly, come in the form of ice cream and French fries.

Diner Dash

Get ready to run your own diner as you play Flo, a woman who has turned her back on the stock market to make people happy with food. This strategy-based video game has become one of the most popular downloadable games ever.

Order Up

Cooking simulation game Order Up is as much about speed as it is about impressing your diners and the food critics. You get the chance to manage an assortment of restaurants from your humble beginnings flipping patties at Burger Face to making contemporary Asian cuisine at Kung Fusion.

Food Fight

Get ready for the mess as Food Fight challenges the player to eat the ice cream before it melts. But separating you from the prize is a bunch of chefs who you try to avoid by throwing food at them.

Pizza Tycoon

Italian food fans rejoice, Pizza Tycoon is here to give you access to your very own Italian restaurant where you must create your own pizzas while beating the competition by siding with the local mafioso to sabotage your competitors.  

From old school classics like Pac-Man to modern delights for the foodie like Hell’s Kitchen, there’s our selection of video games to satisfy your gameplay appetite. Mom and dad might have told us that playing with our food was bad but these video games didn’t get the memo.