Darkfall: New Dawn site has been updated with the Witchcraft magic school and is now available for play. Developers have written that signature spells and general mechanics are in good shape, though “individual tweaks” will be made over time.

Other aspects of the update include:

  • tweaks and adjustments to several magic school abilities
  • PvE improvements
  • Auto-salvaging
  • Scaling changes
  • ARAC consequences
  • Siege rules adjustments

In addition, the team has also provided details for next upcoming updates:

In the next coming patches, we’ll continue our efforts to make solo play, most notably with skinning and how it interacts with scaling. We’ll also continue improving the lives of mages by reviewing the grind, gear and stat costs discrepancies with the physical playstyle. In a more medium term, we’ll continue working on the racial wars, alignment and reasons to fight.

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