Paladins will officially  end it”s beta phase after running for 2.5 years. The game will be launching on May 8th along with a two week celebration that will feature devs giving away up to $100M in in-game currency. For players who have taken part in beta testing can log into the game between May 8th and 31st to receive 200 crystals for free. Also, players can look forward to a special launch eSports tournament in Las Vegas.

The Paladins Launch Celebration kicks off today, with two weeks of great in-game events and one massive giveaway.

We’re giving everyone who played in the Paladins beta 200 Crystals, free. With over 25 million players, that’s up to a $100 million giveaway! Just log in from May 8-31 to claim your free Crystals and a special Beta Avatar!

If you’re new to Paladins, there’s no better time to start playing. All Champions are unlocked today through May 7, and you’ll become eligible for the Crystal giveaway as long as you log in before our launch day!

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