Wild West Online: Upcoming Update Details

The Wild West Online team have shared a list of ten things that they have been working on. The features will be deployed in the next update.

  1. Each crafting blueprint now gives individual XP. You’re not getting much for cooking food, but you’re getting a lot for crafting guns.
  2. Crafting takes time now.
  3. Events now starting at random times, so no more hardcoded timer between events.
  4. We removed number that shows how many boxes left at Stagecoach from both map and UI. so only thing you’ll see is for how long events will be going. As soon as player takes last strong box, event will end. So as long as event displayed on the map – there’re boxes there but you don’t know how many of them there.
  5. While you’re in a “safe zone” near unlocked hideout cabin, you won’t be able to shoot.
  6. When you aim at horse and not rider aiming dot in TPS is yellow not red.
  7. When you sprinting on horse and open inventory or gun wheel horse switch to walk cycle and slows down.
  8. You can’t deal stamina damage to horse that belong to player from your faction.
  9. We’re adjusting amount of stamina taken from the horse when you shoot her. so it’ll take less bullets to slow down horse now.
  10. We’ve added Daily and Weekly specials – specially curated small set of cosmetic items that you will be able to buy with in game dollars to TN directly and not get them randomly from the garment bags.

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