Arcfall will be going free to play from April 6 onward “because it already has an item store”. Developers promise that the core design will not be changing. Those who purchased the game prior to April 6th will be gifted 400 Arcfall coins (~ $30) that can be used in the shop. Founder’s Packs are also available from $40 to $200, each with a series of in-game items and perks. The update also includes three new explorable biomes and three new dungeons. These come alongside changes to the XP- and skill-based progression systems in the game:

We have added all the resources you can learn in the skill tree to the world with tons more items to be crafted. An experience system has been added to allow us to present lore through quests to the players in a more fluent way. Experience levels will only influence a character’s Health and Mana, but all other stats are still linked directly to your skills. This makes Arcfall a combination of both Skill-based system and a XP levelling system, bring the best of both worlds together. Players will also be able to gauge enemy mobs before they attack them by the mob’s XP level.

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