Wild Terra is free to play from now through April 3rd. During the free weekend, players can take part in the Fool’s Day event and check out the new Crystal Equipment. Also, creatures in the Corrupted Lands have been reworked and equipment drops have been removed. In stead, players will find unique Crystal items.

Celebrate Fools’ Day!
Something is wrong with bears and horses, even ferrets behave very strange.
Careful! When mining the Iron Deposit, you can disturb Wodwose Miner.
In the loot from the Wodwose Miner you can find various hats, as well as the legendary Fool’s Chest!
The Fool’s Chest is also available in the in-game store at an affordable price!
The Fool’s Chest is guaranteed to contain one of the existing hats in the game (which are 33!), and the crafts hat will always have the top 150% quality.

You can learn more on the Wild Terra site.