Neverwinter: Lost City of Omu Expansion Coming to Consoles

The console version of Neverwinter will be updated with the Lost City of Omu content expansion on April 24th. Players will find a lot off new content including a new zone, additional Monster Hunts, new Heroic Encounters, an additional Endgame Trial, smoother progression from 60-70, and additional Tomb of Annihilation campaign.

The Jungles of Chult campaign has been extended to bring players into The Lost City of Omu. A once prosperous and powerful society now a mere memory amongst the ruins. The nine Trickster Gods were worshipped heavily in this region and their shrines, hidden within the undercity, may still hold a bit of the power the gods once bestowed upon their worshippers. Dinosaurs will be a familiar sight from the time exploring the Soshenstar River Basin, along with Lizardfolk, Thayans, and powerful Gorillas. Another primal adventure awaits!

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