On a recent post on the official site, developers of Dauntless have revealed their desire to “create a sense of immersion” where the UI plays a part rather than being seen as a separate entity. In addition, the art and design teams are working hard to keep a minimalist, yet robust UI available for both PC players and console players. The idea is to make the PC UI make sure that “the things that Slayers will do the most are optimized to be at your fingertips the moment you open your menu”.

The post also states that consoles will have full controller support for Open Beta. “This means that you’ll be able to use your gamepad for everything in the game that isn’t text-input or store related.”

Other UI topics the team has addressed are:

  • customization and cosmetics
  • color blind friendly
  • buff and debuff icons
  • transmog
  • quick crafting
  • rebindable keys

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