Nexon is encouraging players to check out Hyper Universe since the Ranked Mode Season 1 has started. The season will run until June 14th. Players can earn a Season 1 emblem for participating in one match or shoot for Gold tier or higher to earn the Gold Hyper Selection Name Plate. Players taking part in 50 ranked matches can earn a special Sonny Boy Bonya skin.

In addition to Ranked Season 1, players will also find Lyn, a new Hyper that moves quickly around the battlefield.

Lyn’s skill overview includes:

  • Passive – Mana Infusion: Fills the dual crossbows with Mana to receive Max Mana-based Attack effects. Lyn’s Max Mana will permanently increase whenever she defeats enemy Hypers;
  • Mana Bolts: Infuses crossbow bolts with Mana to apply special effects on Regular Attack and her attack skills. Can toggle on or off by pressing the skill key;
  • Rapid Shot: Fires four quick crossbow bolts forward, doing damage;
  • Draining Shot: Shoots arrows that steal the enemy’s Mana.

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