The final Sea of Thieves beta has started and will run until Sunday, March 11th. This is the last chance testers will have to play the game prior to its launch on March 20th. The final beta is open to anyone via the XBox Store or Microsoft Store. Players will be required to have an XBox Live account to access the download.

What will I be playing?

In the Final Beta, alongside the Gold Hoarders, we will be testing Merchant Alliance voyages for the first time, giving players an entirely new way to play. We are also introducing an intense, emergent opportunity into the world with the chance of a Skeleton Fort now being occupied. Watch out for that telltale skull cloud above a fort which indicates the chance of great rewards but also great risk. Will other players have seen it? Might they even be there already? Will you work together or against each other? We can’t wait to watch and find out.

In addition, we’re excited to announce that Sea of Thieves’ Xbox One X enhancements will be available during the Final Beta! We’re thrilled that players will be able to experience Sea of Thieves in 4K on the most powerful console ever made.

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