Cryptic Studios has announced that the Breach event will be making a return to Star Trek Online. The event is set to begin on March 8th and will run till March 29th. Captains at level 50+ can team up with four others to try to bring down the Voth City Ship. Each time players are successful, they will earn a Voth Operative Transmission (1x each 20 hours). Once 14 are collected,players can complete a special Reputation project to earn tons of great items. Players completing the project will receive 50,000 Dilithium ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of choice and the Voth Phase Decoy Universal Console.

Activating the Voth Phase Decoy Console will cloak your ship for up to 20 sec, disabling your shields and preventing you from taking most actions. It will also summon a duplicate version of your starship to fight and distract your foes for as long as you remain cloaked. When destroyed, the duplicate will emit a pulse that sets engines offline and deals Electrical Damage to foes within 10 km. Additionally, the Voth Phase Decoy Console provides a passive boost to Maximum Hull Capacity and Antiproton Damage.

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