Safe and responsive gamer marketplace with three listings and fully functional mobile app with entirely free listing and a myriad of free features?  New Kickstarter project makes a bold promise to change the face of goods exchange between players.

MMOAUCTIONS.COM is a marketplace dedicated to gamers that wish to trade or sell their goods, and we are not talking exclusively about online games (as the name suggest) but also about an offline aspect of gaming like tabletop/board games or trading card games. Competition in this field is intense, but dev team from the United Kingdom and Poland claims that focusing heavily on the transaction security will give them an edge over other services. That is why they have come up with a six-step verification process including phone and payment verification. On top of all, that website will filter out TOR and VPN users hoping to create a first, genuinely secure online marketplace for players.

Two years ago, in the early development stages, the team came up with a Scamkiller database idea. This solution allows to collect information on reported fraudsters from various forums and websites creating a massive public-access blacklist and as the site grows so will the Scamkiller making security even stronger over time.

Heavy security is but one of the aspects of that makes them different. The website offers a modern design with intuitive and responsive navigation. Lightweight and easy on the eyes layout with no excess flair and useless flashy elements will make the website look good in any resolution and on a wide variety of devices. Furthermore, the developer promises, among many other vendor tools, a free online app that will let you control your listings and purchases on the go wherever you are.

It’s hard not to notice how fast and easy offer listing is. It took our team about 80 seconds to create an offer from a scratch! Managing your offers is intuitive and practically effortless, a wide range of tools like notification system, mass mailing, category subscription and more makes the entire experience pleasant and almost feels like… a game. 

“Listings on will be free but that might not be enough to convince the more stubborn ones, that is why we have to make sure that our service is also visually and technically superior to our competition.”

~Szymon Co-founder

Depending on the gathered funds, devs have prepared a detailed list of stretch goals that include: 

– mobile app performance enhancement 
– clan and affiliate programs 
– digital download key market
– ability to trade gaming peripherals (mice, keyboards, controllers etc.) 
– skin shop

If you are a gamer or a collector, tired of shady, poorly designed websites that offer little-to-none security, then is something for you, created by a group of enthusiastic developers their website has potential to finally bring trade between gamers to the next level. Be sure not to miss out and check their Kickstarter page for more details!