MU Legend: New Update To Include Spellbinder Class

Webzen will be updating MU Legend on March 20th. The update ll come complete with the new Spellbinder class and new dungeon to challenge high-end players. New Daily Missions for the Room of Duty are incoming with others providing Dukan’s Proofs to allow players to complete any two sets of armor. These armor sets can be found at the daily-mission vendor.

Other additions include:

  • an increased achievement grade that rewards “Traces of Destruction, Hero Tokens, Trophies and Magic Gems”
  • new crafting recipes
  • crafting inventory tab
  • Faction War Season Mission system to facilitate GvG gameplay
  • new events to earn “free items and useful rewards”

In addition, Webzen has announced that the “official release is set to happen later this year”.

While an OBT is often considered an official release, this period is more of a stepping stone in the life of a game. With the Spellbinder expansion and numerous other important updates in store for 2018 (including new continents, new dungeons, a new level cap and gear), MU Legend is well on track to hit all its development goals in the run-up to the official release.

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