The Lunar New Year Sale has started in Black Desert Online and will run until February 19th. In addition, they have also revealed the Arsha PvP server will be added to the game as part of the regular maintenance on February 21st.

Eager combatants will be pleased to know that the PVP (Player vs Player) balance on the Arsha server will be adjusted to incentivize players to engage each other in combat and to provide for more spectacular clashes. All characters will have stronger PvP defense ability and will be immune to Crowd Control skills for a certain amount of time if they have been hit by CC attacks three times (such as Knockdown, Bound, Floating, Stun, Grapple) allowing for dynamic counter-attacks.

Players do not have to worry about karma loss in the Arsha server, but if their character has built up negative karma in other servers, this will carry over. All PvE monsters with the exception of Field and World bosses will be present and can be slain to regain your karma.

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