The Conan Exiles team has nailed down on what will be present at launch and are ready to talk about it. Major new features and content coming for launch include:

  • swamp and volcano biomes – the world will be twice as big as the Early Access launch
  • new combat system – melee combat has been made “a step above other games in the genre” to fit into the Conan universe. Everything has been overhauled and a new HUD is present
  • The Purge – “The purge mechanic at launch will see creatures and NPCs attack your base, even when you’re not logged in, so you need to consider traps, walls, thralls, and other defenses.”
  • Farming
  • Derketo to be launched as a new religion – the Queen of Lust & Fertility
  • Warpaint – a craftable activity for perks and customization
  • Fast Travel – players will need to discover obelisks to quickly move from one location to another
  • Perk System – “new perks give you meaningful choices about how to play (and roleplay) the game”

From launch forward, the team will be working to bring a number of features into the game including:

  • an improved journey interface
  • mounts and pets
  • sorcery
  • the settlement system

What we do want to make very clear is that we will never lock features we have talked about for Early Access behind paid content updates. If at some point after launch we can implement mounts, sorcery, or any of these features that we wanted to introduce in Early Access, we will make sure these are available freely to everyone.

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